About Us

ORE Consultants cc is a small black owned and managed company focusing on training and development, project management as well as consulting. The company was conceived and developed as result of the growth in business activity amongst previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs) and youth.

These start-up and small businesses often lack fundamental management expertise and knowledge that allow for organic growth and development. This deficiency in knowledge normally results in the failure of PDI owned businesses. It is a situation that could be reverse by transferring expertise and knowledge through management training and development programmes coupled with ongoing consulting and mentorship programmes.

ORE Consultants’ is owned and managed by Mark Botha. It has association agreements with organisations such as the University of the Western Cape Yield Project, HGM & Associates and the Research Institute for Economic Empowerment. These association agreements allow ORE Consultants to draw on a larger pool of resources and expertise giving it the capacity to deliver on projects effectively and efficiently

We envisage ourselves to be the leading catalyst in managerial development and consultation of small meduim and micro-sized enterprises(SMMEs) and community based organisations.

ORE Consultants’ mission is to create, develop and sustain SMME’s as well as community based organisations. This broad mission is augmented through the following objectives:

  • The creation of opportunities for advancement for disenfranchised persons.
  • To facilitate community developmental initiatives.
  • Partnering with organisations on projects such as entrepreneurship, leadership, management development, etc. and
  • Providing economic literacy and skills in endeavouring to achieve economic upliftment and empowerment.

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